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Career Services.

Empowering individuals and organisations by turning around the global standard of outdated CVs to enable better opportunities and smarter hiring decision.

Secure Storage

Easier Applications


With The Right Information,
Great Things Can Happen

CVs are an outdated standard for applications across the globe that has failed to keep up with the rapidly changing job market and technology landscape

  • Billions of individuals across the globe struggle to fit all of their achievements ​​in a classic spreadsheet-style CV

  • Companies invest millions of dollars in extensive background checks

  • Biased selection in the application process can lead to untapped potential and structural racism 


What We Offer

VeriCareer is a platform that offers solutions for individuals and organisations and uses cutting-edge technologies to turn-around the global standard of outdated CVs

Easier Applications

Individuals can safely and securely upload all relevant information, request verifications from third-parties and adjust with a few clicks which data they want to provide for their next application.

Access validated information

VeriCareer's platform reduces the effort required by companies to verify background information by providing third-party verification that is incentivised by an internal VeriCareer Token.

Avoidance of selection-bias

The platform implements various filters that allow companies to avoid selection bias by hiding certain applicant's information such as age, gender, and address.

Data protection 

VeriCareer will build on a decentralised blockchain that ensures the protection and immutability of data, providing a secure platform for the transmission and storage of sensitive information.

Built for Billions of Employees and Millions of Employers across the Globe

Simplifying applications and allow better matchmaking for billions employment relationships around the globe



Privacy Protection

Trusted Among Universities and Industry Leaders

VeriCareer aims to partner with a decentralised blockchain provider and was developed by students from the University of Western Australia.


VeriCareer Founders

The founding team of VeriCareer met at the University of Western Australia and has strong and diverse backgrounds from around the globe. The team is supported by a world-class network of experienced mentors and supporters with academic and industry-specific domain knowledge.

What Our Clients Say

VeriCareer has been a game-changer for my applications. I come from Costa Rica, study now in Germany and always had problems to verify my information. The automatic translation and integrated verification makes this now effortlessly. Highly recommended.

Angela Melendez,
International Masters Student 

VeriCareer's services have significantly reduced the time and effort required to verify our employees' backgrounds. We appreciate the platform's flexibility and scalability and are excited to continue working with them.

Claire Browne,

CEO TechMed

VeriCareer has exceeded our expectations. The platform's seamless integration with our existing HR system has improved our overall efficiency and accuracy and we love features such as the integrated features. 

Marcus Andrews,

Power Core


Explore Our Free Beta.

Do you need to apply for a job and are tired of spending countless hours on creating new CVs over and over again?
Or are you an HR-Specialist and searching for an efficient applicant management?
Look no further than VeriCareer!
Our cutting-edge platform offers efficient background verification, incentivised verification, and secure transmission. Don't let long-applications or the hiring process slow you down any longer. Try VeriCareer today and experience a streamlined, secure, and cost-effective solution..

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Revolutionise Your CV application or Hiring Process with VeriCareer's Blockchain Services

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